Virtualization Optimization

Get the most out of your VMs and virtualized infrastructure

Over the last decade, server virtualization technologies like VMware have truly changed the dynamics of how organizations can spin up, deploy, and operate key business services for all stakeholders of the organization. In recent years, it has also served as the foundation to enable cloud computing, with VMs being spun up faster before and located not only in-house, but now possibly all over the world in hosted datacenters. However, the path to cloud relies on an optimal virtualization infrastructure to facilitate VM mobility and optimize service levels and cost savings.

What we've seen from our clients over the years is that VM farms have grown in a somewhat haphazard manner. Although virtualization has enabled the reduction of physical servers, many organizations now face another interesting dilemma. What is the best way to optimize and consolidate multiple VM farms that are likely different in design and employ different architectures and hardware types. Quite simply, organizations need to optimize their virtualization strategies in order to move to the next level of cost savings and VM mobility.

Likewise, from a storage perspective, many organizations have been able to adopt storage virtualization strategies to help enhance their storage infrastructure flexibility, but are now at a point where they're reaching the end of what benefits can be wrung out of their current environment.

Let Mark III take a look at your current direction and infrastructure and lend our perspectives to your overall strategy. With numerous virtualization optimization examples to pull from, we have the ability to leverage our many years of helping clients achieve these goals to benefit your organization greatly.