IBM PowerLinux for Big Data Solutions

PowerLinux substantially raises the bar for Hadoop price-performance

This torrent of data shows no signs of slowing down. Big data analytics solutions built on the IBM PowerLinux platform are architected to harness the data explosion facing your business. This is why clients and innovators choose to collaborate with IBM, building optimized PowerLinux solutions that are designed for data.

With the launch of IBM PowerLinux Big Data solutions, IBM took a leadership role in offering optimized solutions ready for immediate deployment, built on IBM InfoSphere software like BigInsights and Streams. IBM has also taken its leading role in the open source community very seriously, with heavy contributions to projects like Apache Hadoop enabling continuous development in the fields of analytics and high performance computing.

Now, clients and solution builders wishing to innovate on top of a high performance data analytics platform can take advantage of the proven flexibility, throughput, and resiliency of POWER, as well as the immediate value provided by PowerLinux solutions. Using the IBM PowerLinux Big Data Solution for Apache Hadoop, clients and developers can take advantage of optimizations designed by IBM engineers to allow Hadoop to excel on Power.

IBM Research continues to push the envelope when it comes to boosting PowerLinux performance in processing large quantities of data. Businesses with a big data problem know that results from large data analysis queries are often useless unless they are delivered immediately upon demand. IBM PowerLinux Big Data solutions, built on the POWER platform, are ideal for these challenges because they are designed to move a fire hose of data into and out of the compute nodes extremely quickly.

IBM's research team has been working with a 10-node Hadoop cluster of PowerLinux 7R2 nodes, running InfoSphere BigInsights 1.3 software, for many weeks. While exploration and tuning continues, the team has been able to sort through a terabyte of data in less than 10 minutes. This is 58% faster than the next commodity ~10-node result of 24 minutes, measured on an x86 Hadoop cluster.

With an IBM Champion for Power Systems on staff and unique knowledge into why PowerLinux is a terrific fit for Big Data, please contact us to see how we can help your business derive a deeper competitive advantage from the data that you may already collect.