Maintain & Optimize

The shop doesn't run itself.... we're there when you need us!

With nearly a 3-to-1 engineer to sales rep ratio, Mark III is designed from the ground-up to help our clients not only architect the most solid and sustainable solutions, but also to help address tactical issues that arise over the course of the infrastructure design. In our experience, our clients tell us that this long-term partnership approach is a huge differentiator versus manufacturers and most VARs in the industry today. Specifically, what makes this approach work is the operational background of our SEs, as most of them previously worked in end-user datacenters, prior to joining Mark III.

Accordingly, all our engineers are well-versed in troubleshooting complex issues that touch many layers within the overall IT infrastructure, even those not directly associated with components that we have recommended and installed. We understand that issues may often be difficult to diagnose and can help you navigate your way to resolution, either through our own direct experience or helping to guide your staff and/or the manufacturer. Because our approach essentially places us in the same boat as you, it makes all aspects of our engagement with you sharper, including the pre-sales architecture process, where we try to proactively avoid risky design points, so as to minimize any longer-term issues that might arise.

From a services perspective, we can also be contracted to help your organization maintain the environment, refresh best practices, and optimize when significant events take place. Examples of this maintenance might include:

  • Firmware/code upgrades
  • Readjusting the environment back to best practices
  • Helping to fix issues that might have recently arisen
  • Assistance in expanding the environment to accommodate natural growth
  • Substitute administrator when your staff needs to take unexpected time off

Quite honestly, we know that every organization is very different in what their needs are, so please contact us and let us know how we can help you get the most out of your IT investment!