IBM Spectrum Scale for Big Data

Efficient storage management for big data applications

IBM Spectrum Scale for Big Data

Explosions of data, transactions, and digitally-aware devices are straining IT infrastructure and operations, while storage costs and user expectations are increasing. IBM Spectrum Scale, a high-performance enterprise file management platform, can help you move beyond simply adding storage to optimizing data management.

Whether you are working with big data analytics, have the need to manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data, or simply require the ability to store and forward large amounts of file based data quickly, reliably and efficiently, you need a clustered file system. These systems safely support high performance data and offer consistent access to a common set of data from multiple servers. Spectrum Scale can bring together the power of multiple file servers and multiple storage controllers, to provide higher reliability thus outperforming single file server solutions.

Customers use Spectrum Scale to do low latency analytics, high-speed back up and recovery, high-speed file ingest, and optimize data workflow, enabling faster business process performance. Spectrum Scale provides your business with:

Andy's Quick Tip

Although Spectrum Scale can technically be installed in almost any environment, the optimal set up always involves proper architecture and tuning for both the software and hardware layers.  For hardware, we typically recommend clients look at Elastic Storage Server (ESS) or build their custom solution using the DCS3700 High-Density storage system or IBM Storwize on the backend of Spectrum Scale.